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Remote Relocations

Moving from one country to another without return to the UK?

We can offer a UK based pick up and forwarding service for peace of mind

If you want to move from one country to another and do not intend to return to the UK for any substantial amount of time, we can offer a shipping service whereby we can arrange to pick up your goods and to return them to the UK for onward transportation to the destination of your choice.

Without wishing to appear disrespectful to the services available to you locally. there will often be a feeling of risk if you engage the services of an inexperienced firm in a country potentially fraught with bureaucratic complexities.

With our experience of international documentation and an extensive network of contacts in ports throughout the world, we can assure you of a trusted and safe journey and that your personal goods will be looked after every step of the way.

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And we take all the stress away from you to ensure a safe arrival of your goods

If you need any additional information or advice, contact a member of our friendly and efficient team.

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