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Sea Freight

Professional sea freight delivery solutions to international ports


Sea Freight

Whether you require a Full Container Load (FCL), a Lesser Container Load (LCL), High Cubes, Flat Racks or Open Tops, our professional and knowledgeable team identify and coordinate efficient and reliable shipping solutions to suit your needs.

With over 30 years of experience in freight forwarding, we’ve delivered thousands of specific requests from commercial customers and consumers. Our team’s knowledge and understanding are expansive.

What will we help you ship?

Pretty much anything - within reason! We ship a whole range of goods and merchandise, including, but not limited to: 



Small packages

UK and international removals for business or household relocation

We offer flexible and cost-effective sea freight to various international destinations - with vessels leaving weekly. Choose from a full or shared container service in line with your needs and financial considerations. 

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The Advantages of Commercial Container Cargo:

Standardisation. Standard transport products can be handled anywhere in the world (ISO standard) by specialised modes (ships, trucks, barges and wagons) and equipment. Each container has a unique identification number and a size type code.

Flexibility. Containers can be used to carry a wide variety of goods, such as commodities (coal, wheat), manufactured goods, cars, and refrigerated (perishable) goods. Adapted containers for dry cargo, liquids (oil and chemical products) and refrigerated cargo. Reuse of discarded containers.

Costs. Lower transport costs due to the advantages of standardisation.

Speed. Standardisation methods mean that handling operations are minimal and rapid. Port turnaround times can be reduced from 3 weeks to about 24 hours. Containerships are faster than regular freighter ships, although this advantage can be undermined by slow steaming. This depends on the type of vessel available.

Warehousing. The container is its own warehouse. Stacking capacity on ships, trains (double-stacking) and on the ground (container yards) makes life easy for transport storage.

Security and safety. The contents of the container is unknown to carriers. Can only be opened at the origin (by the seller), at customs and at the destination (by the buyer). Reduced spoilage and losses (theft).

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