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Liability Cover

DON'T TAKE THE RISK - get covered with Worldwide's comprehensive shipping insurance

At Worldwide Shipping and Airfreight Ltd we provide a very high quality service in the handling of your effects and take care to select the best possible agents to complete the delivery of your effects in the destination country. However, the risks of moving goods around the world are many and varied and are frequently beyond our control. For this reason we offer you two levels of service and we need you to select which level you wish to take - Standard Liability or Limited Liability. Please read the Trading Conditions printed within this document, in particular clause 4 and clauses 9 - 12.

Standard Liability - a brief summary of household goods cover

This is the option that we recommend and under this option we accept liability for any loss or damage to your effects (see clause 9.1) until delivery to your chosen destination subject to the relevant terms and conditions.

Limited Liability - a brief summary of household goods cover

Under this option we will only accept liability for loss or damage to your effects if we have been negligent. Certain circumstances are specifically excluded (see clause 9.2). We suggest that you only consider this option if you have appropriate insurance cover in place.

Completing the Valuation Form

Make sure that all items you require us to accept Standard Liability for are detailed on the valuation form. The form has been designed to help you remember all the effects in your consignment but this is intended as a guide only. There are a number of blank spaces for you to insert items not specifically listed.

If you find that there is insufficient room on the form please provide a supplementary list or ask us to provide you with an additional form.

Make sure that you value your effects correctly taking into account the costs in your destination country which may vary from UK prices. If the value that you indicate is not sufficient, any claim that you make will be proportionally reduced as detailed within clause 3.1.1 of the contract. That means that if you declare an item’s value at £100 and it is found to be worth £200 at your destination then only 50% of any claim you make for the item will be met.

Marine Cargo Insurance - a brief summary for commercial clients

We recommend you have Marine Cargo Insurance for your goods during transit and we are able to arrange this on your behalf under an Open Cover Policy. This insurance is optional and a competitive rate will be offered within your quotation. The rate is determined by the commodity, value and destination. The minimum premium for all shipments is £75.00. We recommend that you insure the freight charges. Please clearly instruct us regarding your insurance requirements prior to collection or receipt of your goods.

Marine Cargo Insurance is underwritten by CNA Insurance Company Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (number 202777). Normal institute clauses will apply dependent on status of goods. We recommend that the value for insurance = replacement cost + freight + 10%. Kindly contact us for further information.


As suggested above, please ensure that you read the Trading Conditions and check the exclusions detailed within clause 11 of the contract. You can arrange for two of the exclusions to be deleted to improve the level of protection that our contract will provide.


As long as you arrange for storage via ourselves, whether within the UK or your destination country, and pay the appropriate additional charges our 'Standard Liability' protection will remain in force. However, if you arrange your own storage, even if it is with our agents, our liability ceases on delivery to the storage location. Any storage that occurs incidental to transit that is storage not made at your request will be allowed for within our Standard Liability contract with you for up to 60 days.

What to do next

Once you have completed the form, detach the white and yellow copies and return them to Worldwide Shipping & Airfreight Ltd. Retain the cover and the blue copy of the form for your records. You must make sure that you pay the appropriate charges to reflect your declared value. In the event that the charges are not paid or you fail to return the fully detailed form you will not gain the benefit of Standard Liability protection.


If you do need to make a claim you must contact us within 30 days of delivery to notify the same, as detailed within clause 12 of the Trading Conditions. Make sure that you quote your Worldwide Shipping & Airfreight Ltd reference when calling us. Further, please make sure that you endorse the delivery note to indicate any problems that you are aware of at the time of delivery and contact the delivery agents to make them aware of the same.


If you have any doubts about the completion of this form, the information provided or our Terms and Conditions, please call your usual contact at Worldwide Shipping & Airfreight Ltd.