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New Zealand By Air Household Move


Document Description
Acceptance Form Formal booking and acceptance form
Airfreight Security Document To be completed for all air freight consignments.
Alcohol, Tobacco And New Goods Declaration Form Declaration form for alcohol, tobacco and new goods.
Form TIES Application for a permit to export, re-export, import, or introduce specimens of animals or plants or derivatives thereof, subject to the Trade In Endangered Species Act 1989.
Contact Details Request for contact details, both in the UK and abroad. To be completed for all consignments.
Form UPBD (NZCS 218) Unaccompanied personal baggage declaration form.
Form UPBD – Supplementary Personal effects – supplementary declaration form.
Form NZCS 214 Trade Single Window – Client Registration Application form.
Letter Of Authority To be completed if someone is receiving your consignment in New Zealand on your behalf.
Prohibited And Restricted Imports Prohibited goods for air freight consignments.
Worldwide Shipping Overseas Removals Valuation Form Please complete this form to arrange cover for your goods whilst in transit. See Worldwide Shipping Overseas Removals Liability Cover for further details.